Divorce Mastery

Divorce Mastery is a comprehensive program designed to take you from where you are now...feeling overwhelmed and stressed from your divorce...to where you want to be in your life experience, empowered, clear, and joyful!

If you have found yourself disconnected romantically from your spouse and have realized that divorce is the best path for you in your life experience, then you cannot afford to not take this Mastermind. It doesn't matter if you are in the court system getting a divorce, outside of court trying to figure things out on your own, or starting to think about getting a divorce... Divorce Mastery will remove all the smoke and mirrors surrounding divorce guided by Jen Mitchell, a 15 year Family Law attorney telling it to you straight.

COVID has changed every single one of us. We have collectively endured a year of uncertainty and discomfort. If you have realized that you are a different person who wants to live differently, WHY would you subject yourself to another year plus of uncertainty and discomfort when you can take control of your divorce journey by learning all of the tools necessary to set you up for success and MASTER your experience.

We will take you on the empowering Solace divorce journey and provide you with the tools necessary to emerge from your divorce stronger than you entered, and successfully transition from "married" to "co-parents" or "friends."

Our society has grown complacent in wholeheartedly accepting an outdated family law court system to go through this extremely difficult emotional experience. Everyone knows that the family law court system does not work. Either you, or someone you know, has used the court system to get a divorce, and EVERY divorce journey in the court system is filled with uncertainty, discomfort, financial stress, lack of control, feelings of overwhelm, despair, fear, anger, and a plethora of other low energy and blocking emotions.

Utilizing the family law court system is the OLD way to divorce, the broken way, the way that destroys everyone in its path. The court system is the reason divorce is so heavily stigmatized and is the reason there exists such limiting beliefs surrounding divorce.

There is a NEW way to get a divorce post-COVID and we are sharing the Solace Divorce Mediation proprietary secrets here with you to help you navigate through one of the most difficult times of your life in an informed and empowered manner.

Learn the secrets of what divorce really is, and how you can use your divorce experience to empower yourself to completely transform your life! This is the divorce Mastermind that removes the smoke and mirrors surrounding the divorce process. You will be exposed to a completely different approach to one of the most emotionally difficult experiences of your life, enabling you to continue to use the tools learned throughout your life experience when other difficult times present FOR you... not TO you!

Divorce is just as much a legal process as it is an emotional process. The legal process is significantly easier because there is a governing law in every state which tells you what to do. Divorce is the same emotional experience for every human being. Every person responds and reacts differently to this same emotional experience, based upon their belief systems, mindset, and level of accountability. The emotional processing is so much harder and there has been zero assistance to guide couples through in the family law sector...


Join us and allow us to guide you through the Solace journey, the new way to divorce post COVID.

We will serve as your guides, offering you a streamlined approach to the emotional processing of your divorce. By shifting the way you are viewing and experiencing your divorce you will be able to easily navigate through the legal process of your divorce.

Learn the tools and skills necessary for you to shift the way you are viewing and experiencing the emotional divorce experience, from one of trauma and destruction to one of empowerment and transformation!

*You will receive a Solace Love Toolbox containing powerful tools to help you balance your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodily selves.
 *You will learn the truth about what divorce really IS, without all the smoke, mirrors, and fear mongering.
*You will learn the 8 steps to implement which will enable you to use your divorce journey as a tool for empowerment and transformation! 
*You will learn the powerful narratives you can share with your children to empower them throughout your divorce.
*You will be provided with resources for you to utilize to get you into a high energy state during one of the most emotionally difficult experiences of your life. 
*Learn the three key ingredients to a successful co-parenting relationship.
*Learn how you can use your divorce to change every area of your life that is not serving you.

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Module #1: Introduction to your Guides and Solace Mastermind
Learn why your Mastermind Guides are the absolute BEST authorities to take you on this journey of empowerment and growth! Receive managed expectations regarding the Mastermind structure, purpose, a...
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Module #2: How society has grown complacent with divorce... and how there is a NEW way to divorce
Learn how society's complacency with the destructive divorce process is outdated and the NEW way to divorce
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Module #3: The Truth About what Divorce Really IS, without the smoke, mirrors, and fear mongering
Learn about what divorce really is and what is legally required to get a divorce. Let's remove the smoke and mirrors and get real, shall we?
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Module #4: The Heart and Foundation of the NEW empowering and transformative Divorce Journey
Learn the heart and foundation you can create in your divorce journey to set you up for success in every area of your life!
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Module #5: Step ONE - Reframe
We begin our 8 steps to divorce mastery by reframing the way we are viewing and experiencing the divorce experience.
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Module #6: Step TWO - Intention
A conscious divorce intention changes everything and everyone.
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Module #7: Step THREE - Letting Go
One of the biggest forms of self-love is letting go and freeing yourself!
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Module #8: Step FOUR - Accountability
You are the creator of your life
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Module #9: Review Steps 1-4, answer questions...RECAP AwEsOmEnEss!!!
Welcome to DAY 3!!! Today we are going to quickly recap steps 1 - 4 and go over any questions any of you beautiful souls may have.
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Module #10: STEP FIVE - Consequences
For every action... there is a reaction
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Module #11: STEP SIX - Gratitude
Learn the power in being grateful for what you already have... to open yourself up to all that you want!
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Module #12: STEP SEVEN - Forgiveness
Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself
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Module 13: STEP EIGHT - Manifest!!!
Thoughts become things
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Module 14: Putting it all Together and Recap
In this module we will put everything together... making sure you have the underlying philosophy and importance that mindset has during your divorce journey and your life. We will review all eight ...
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Module #15: Next Steps...
Now that you have completed your Divorce Mastery Mastermind, what is next?

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